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Gryffindor Sun Philosopher's Hat

Tapestry Crochet at it's best and the yarn was lots of help, the retreat gave me so much inspiration and I was even able to get some help from Asplund.

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Baby Socks

I hate these things already, but thankfully I am almost done with the second one. I will never do one of these things again, they are to small.

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Dudes: What up? So, I purchased a book on Tams because I really like the patterning; however, I don't want to wear a tam. How could I mess with the pattern to make the tam into a nice hat?

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This is what kept me from knitting today (a bit off-topic)

Now, the photo may look like some brown mush mixed up in a steel bowl, but it's really the start of some very traditional Christmas puddings.