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October 13th

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Knit or crochet hooded baby bath blanket

I'm looking for an easy (ie fast) pattern for a baby hooded bath blanket. Any ideas?

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Never say Never

Not too long ago, On my other blog, I posted a short bit about scarves. I talked about how I tried tried to make one and failed miserably.

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Irish Hiking Scarf

I've finished knitting the first of two hanks I dyed a few weeks back. I did a total of four, two at a time. The first two the color was even and a richer brown.

October 12th

Off-topic but soooooooooooo cute

Had to share a picture of the latest edition to our family. Nine week old Shih Tzu puppy named Henri Bourassa (anyone who knows Montreal metro will know how I chose the name). He is too much.

October 11th

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My First Shawl - Candle Flame for Utku's Gran (before blocking...)

Well, I feel like I've really joined the club now - I knitted a shawl!

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The OTHER Thank You gift

Finally, I wanted to post my Tri-Colored Flecked Tweed Hat. I am soooooo pleased with this. It's soft, feels great to wear, and the pattern came out beautifully in the colors I chose.

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Chevron Hat

I knitted this just for fun. It's not the greatest hat in the world, but I am pleased with how it turned out...except the photo is horrible.

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Finished Objects & Jason's sweater

Travis returned from South America...ill as all hell. Yuck. At least I have my camera back and can snap some quick (albeit shitty) photos of my last few finished projects.

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Scarf/Mitt combo done

Well I sarted this scarf last year and finished in January. I felt quite accomplished tying off the scarf's end. I gave it to my, then, fairly new girlfriend.

October 10th

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Pain, Sleeves and My Landlord

I have been in great pain since Monday, somehow I hurt my Achilles tendon and so now I hobble around campus, trying to walk the least distance possible.