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October 20th

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Chartreuse Fall Hat

This is my latest Finished Object, I have a lot of hats on the works. It is from Ruth Sorensen and it was a very interesting project.

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Signed up for the scarf exchange....

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Special Olympics Scarf Project

Thanks to Randy for posting about the scarf project (see ).

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I'm going to cry ...

I started a lace shawl project... its complicated... a 30 line pattern, with beading.

October 19th

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I'm a twisted knitter

Well I decided to take a class to learn how to knit lace so I signed up at my local yarn shop.

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Just Signed up for the MWK Scarf Exchange!

Oh my God!!! What have I done! I just signed up for the next scarf exchange and am starting to panic already. No Just kidding!

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Cabled Bag WIP

I changed this pattern to include some crochet, the bootom of the bag is crochet and I am using all my Hand dyed wool in orange shades.

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Cabled Scarf

Here is my latest scarf - it's a variation of the Irish Hiking Scarf - more cables. I like the way the two cables in the middle overlap each other.

Mmario (or any body) please help

Can you provide me with the stitches needed to start a shawl from the big end to the little end? If you could I would appreciate it. Also, do you know of any fairly easily patterns made this way?

October 18th

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Super sweater

Here's the sweater Jason knitted for me!!!