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Blue Girl's Hat

So this is my other WIP at the moment. A woman I met at lunch with a co-worker asked me to make a hat for her 18 month old daughter.

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I hate school, but I have time to knit...

So I am back at school now, and have been trying to get all my class stuff figured out. I haven't had internet, which is why no one has seen me lately.

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Knit knit knit...In Public!

Today has been a heavy knitting day.

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Blonde Joke

Ok, I apologize in advance.....

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starry starry night scarf

thought this downloaded...guess not. Sorry it's sideways.

Herbert Niebling Doily made into a throw...

Here is a pic of one of the lace patterns that I just completed!
It was one of the hardest challenges that I have ever done... EVER!

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pictures perhaps antler scarf...

I dunno. It's growning on me...Very Andy Goldsworthy "Rivers & Tides" somehow...

A New Scarf

I am working on a new scarf. It is really a lot of fun. The picture can be located my blog: