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October 30th

Movember chairty , Raising money for Reasearch towards prostate cancer.

hey all

i am raising money for a great cause, the fight against prostate cancer. if anyone could help with donations it would be greatly appreciated. or even help with the cause.

Hi All,

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Winter Colors Noro Scarf

The colorways selected were intended to mimic the muted colors of winter. In my head, this meant lots of whites, muted blues, greys, and maybe a little green.

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new (to me) books!

It's been a good week; I've received two cable books (Cables untangled and Continuos cables) and a lace book (Knitted Lace of Extonia) and the brain cells are churning.

October 29th

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Green Hat with Circles

Here is another hat that a friend wanted from me. I really need to switch over to something else, thus why I am now working on the Antler scarf from Son of Stitch and Bitch.

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Las Vegas


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Queen Anne Lace Shawl #3 Blocked

It's true, Mario. After completing it last fall, I finally blocked my Queen Anne's Lace Shawl #3. I have to say it's a variegated whirlwind (nightmare) as I had expected.

My Noro Scarf

Inspired by the NORO scarves I'd seen here, I started my own. I am about 1/3 through it. It's my first project using a special mix yarn and a first object made exclusively for myself.

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Holy Sh@t! Christmas is coming!

So last night I sort of woke up to the fact that I have 3 scarves and a bias shawl planned for holiday gifts and Ive only got one scarf nearly done to show for it.

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Leg Warmers & Magic Loop

I was organizing everything and stumbled upon some lace legwarmers that I'd started back when I first began to learn how to knit...before my discovery of knitting in the round (so they were being knit

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Dwindling (NKR) one of my best friends from college left a couple of months ago for Grad school. She went to the grad.