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Time Frame

Hello everyone,

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What I learned in 2007

Hello Gentlemen and Occasional Women,

As it turned out, 2007 was one of the more calamitous years in my life.

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Afghan update

Didn't get to do much knitting over the holidays, but have made some headway with the Lizard Ridge afghan, sixteen squares down and eight to go :-)

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If one new project is good, three MUST be better!

Thanks to all the advice from friends and fellow knitmen, I settled on three new projects.

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Faux Spanish Lace #2 - Image #2

I don't know why this wasn't attaching to the other post.

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Faux Spanish Lace #2

My first attempt at this was such a success and I knew the hubby's other sister was sure to want one too so I cast this on the weekend before Christmas and finished it today.

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Holiday Knit Stamps

So I'm way behind every year on my Christmas (et al) cards. Today was the day I finally went to the post office to mail them off.