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Lace Eye Candy

I was actually looking for a pattern of the coat worn by Lyra in the movie 'The Golden Compass' but when I googled 'Lyra knit coat' I came to this page:

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Knitting Bag for xmas

OK – I admit it: I’m a knitting bag whore. And, I’m not the only one on this site – you others know who you are!

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Looking for a project...


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And now for something completely different!

This got written for the KR retreat in November -- and I blame it all on A*n*y*i*; who denies responsibility....but it's her fault anyway...

Ghost Knitters in the Sky

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Glad it's over.

Finally finished the "Mermaid Scarf," which is just a scarf knit in Mistake Rib pattern with knitted fringe.