Archive - Jan 31, 2008 - Blog entry

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Moss Stitch Hat

I've been offline for a while. Thought I'd post this hat I did recently. I did the body of the hat in moss stitch which made a nice texture.

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Flat Knit Gloves

I'm currently working on a cabled scarf out of the Knitting (Man)ual but dont' have any little projects planned after that (I do have a bigger one - another sweater for my daughter).

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Me and the boys

Here I am with Isaac above and Rodney in my lap - I think they're jealous of my knitting.

And, hurray!! I got my MWN "boys do it better" t-shirt, but where to debut it?

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Stepping into the world of multiple projects.

My wife had warned me that many knitters had multiple projects they were working on at the same time and a fair collection of UFOs. How could this happen?

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Knitting in Movies, Books, etc.

Matt and I are reading "Jane Eyre" and there's a character (Mrs. Fairfax) who knits throughout the book. And I know Madame Defarge and her knitting is a major part of "A Tale of Two Cities".

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Interchangeable circulars??????

Okay, so I have decided to say screw it to just getting circulars individually.