Archive - Jan 3, 2008 - Blog entry

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first time blogger on this site.

Ok, here it is, my first scarf and my first blog posting on here. I just started to pick up knitting about three weeks ago and practiced on some yarn I had laying around.

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Vintage Socks

I knit these from Regia Strato Color on size 2 DP bamboo needles. They are from a 1936 Minerva pattern and turned out to be more like knee socks.

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2nd Scarf - in under a year!

I'm pretty proud of myself at the moment - I finished a little 42" scarf for my 3 year old daughter. Yes, it was garter stitch.

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Norwegian Banded Hat - Inside out.

At Yugi Dean's request, I'm posting a picture of the hat inside out.

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d*mn; this is hard!

boy - I'm sweating bullets trying to whip the Spanish Armada pattern into shape.