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Hello, men who knit. I'm sorry I haven't posted to my blog lately. It's not because I haven't been knitting.

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Yayy!!! Stuff for me!!!


Now that my holiday gift knitting is done I finally have a couple of finished things for me. Yayyy!

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Why Do You Knit?

Besides the obvious, what are your reasons for knitting? Is it a meditation? A creative outlet? (kind of a "duh" statement, I know) A love of fibers?

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Henry VIII from Tudor Roses by Alice Starmore

Ok guys, I need your opinion on this one. I want to knit this but this was a comment from one of my many NON-knitter friends:

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Long On Knitting - Short On Altitude!

The blocking is complete, the gift was wrapped with care... and Sara and I worked a shift together last night. She loves her very large, very beautiful scarf! Wow, it looks so BIG on her!!