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No clue what I am going to do

So my second and final adventure into lace (at least for a while) is this pattern from like the last one. This is for my other Grandmother.

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Knit a couple Pearl a couple.

I haven't made any beanies in a couple years. The ones I used to make would have the bottoms that rolled up. I have a bunch of people who want one, but dont like the rolled bottom.

December 30th

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oh spoilee....where art thou???

I have sent several e-mails all of which have been returned and declared 'unsendable' by g-mail, I've also sent you a message via MWK but no response haven't died on me have you???

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My Pi Shawl Completed

Little late for Christmas but I finally completed my first project designed by me. I am hoping to hand it over to my sister-in-law this weekend.

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My llama and Merino Yarn i'm spinning and spun

hi guys i know haven't post a blog in a while......... this Christmas i decided to get myself my own present..... so i got myself a babe spinning wheel...

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NEW BOOK "Knitting Socks With Handpainted Yarn"

Just let you guys know, really great sock knitting book came out this week, Called "Knitting Socks with Handpainted Yarn" by Corol J. Sulcoski. I went to book store they finally ailve today.

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Row Counter

Can you guys help me find a specific electronic row counter?


Can I get a few examples of the kind of goodies people are sending with their scarf exchange?

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Christmas knitting results

I ended up knitting 9 hats and three scarves. Here are a few pics taken at our family's gathering at Mom's house.

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MWK Scarf Exchange 2

My scarf has been sent and received, Ihope you enjoy the few goodies!