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December 26th

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E's blog

Hi Guys,

Here is my latest project. I found a sexy guy wearing this sweater in the "Instinct Magazine", I had to have the sweater (the model was hot 2), so I copied the pattern.


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Saga of the Rings

At first I used plastic ring markers but found them tacky. So I bought some very nice sterling silver bejewelled markers online- very pretty but they fall apart at the jewel.

Chaplainkw in Philly

Anyone from Philadelphia?
I will be visiting friends and family in Philadelphia from Dec. 25 through about Jan. 3, 2008. Staying in Center City. Is anyone around? Is it cocktail time?? LOL

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Success! The Green Lantern cap...

A few days ago I posted about the "failed" Green Lantern cap...

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Close to Perfection

Now, this is a relative term, of course, but thanks to TallGuy's advice, I grafted the seam of the tychus hat instead of just normally sewing it and OH MY GOD.

December 25th

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Anyone interested?

I used knit visualizer demo...and am wondering if anyone would be interested in test knitting a pattern?

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As requested:

Taking my FO for a spin.

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Karen's socks

Recently finished socks. After I knitted the first, I lost the pattern, and consequently the interest to knit the second.

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Merry Holidays lol!

Happy Holidays and or Merry Christmas!