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September 17th

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Maybe not so handsome.......

Thank you all so much for the nice comments on my collar. Makes me feel happy.

However, I might be ripping it.

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No, no, no, not me. My collar.

First, the artistic picture:

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Impala Society Hat

This one is done in Lamb's Pride, WW, it is color stranding crochet. Just wanted to share with you my latest project.

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Knitty is back , the Tychus Hat

I did not know that was gone at all, but if people say it is back it is back then.

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I wish I could decide

I love the guys on here and the projects they make, but I'm torn between posting on my blog here or my blog at

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My First Pattern - Published!

Hey Everyone! Just wanted to announce that my first design was published by knitty and is in the current (Fall07) issue!

September 16th

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NEW Men Knitting Book!

Hey everybody!
I just youguys let you know, I just got my NEW Men Knitting book Called "The Knitting Man(ual)"
by Kristin Spurkland.

September 15th

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New Knitting Podcast

There is a new podcast by a knitting guy you might want to have a listen to:

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Poncho/Bump Cover done

Here is the finished poncho (modeled by my beautiful wife). As per her request, it has arm holes, so that she can wear it at work and still type, etc.

September 14th

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I have gone 46 years without glasses. My last eye check up was back in 1992 in Boulder, Colorado in graduate school.