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September 24th

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Baby Einstein Coat from the Knit Experience

This is the tiny version of the Einstein coat. I did the pattern for a 6mos old baby. (my co-worker had a boy.. figured it was a good excuse to knit.. as if I needed one).

September 23rd

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Elizabeth Zimmerman's Contrarian Directions

I have knit and ripped out the neck on my saddle shouldered seamless sweater three times now. The back is just far too high. It makes an unsightly bulge.

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A quick howdy

Hey guys! Just wanted to say Hi! I've been gone for a long time,but I finally got back,and i wanted to say hey to all and a sundry!! Check out my blog at

September 22nd

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My So Called Knitalong

I finished my knitalong scarf yesterday, blocked it overnight, and just took pictures to share.

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Christmas Stockings

Is anyone planning to knit Christmas stockings for friends/family or other loved ones? I found this great collection of patterns on the Internet.

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Just Checking In

Howdy guys. MMario reminded me that I haven't stopped in here for a while so I thought I should do so.

September 21st

Men's Knitting Group, Long Beach CA

Thanks to the kindness of the women at my local yarn shop, I've been selected (drafted?) to organize a men's knitting group.

September 20th

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Anyone in the South Jersey, Philly areas??

Anyone in the South Jersey, Philly areas? Interested in getting together on a Thursday/Friday/Saturday night for a knit-out/stitch & bitch?

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Tunisian Cast On & Knit Stitch Demo

September 18th

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Color Stranding and A Yarn Guide