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August 18th

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What's on the sticks

1. Started Einstein Coat. Size 10US. using Plymouth's Baby Alpaca Grande. Feels soooo soft!
2. Shawl on size 13 needles using KFI Paillette Yarn Purple with multicolored sequins.

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It's time to start the stockings...

It's getting near that time of year!

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Hi Everyone

Welll I guess it's time to introduce myself!

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And We Post...

Hey guys,

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Hi guys!
this is my first post here

August 17th

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My colours

They are all from plants and louse(the red one).

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So little time and so much yarn

This weekend I will be very busy. A lot of things going on. I have a Men Who Crochet Guild Meeting Saturday and have A men's Division Meeting for my partners Buddhist group.

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Just a drive-by hi y'all! Still alive and kicking.... trust me kicking hard!

August 16th

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Last month's work


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Hufflepuff 40% done

I have so many projects going and no time for a sweater. I think that once I get done with my scarves I will be making a sweater.