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August 22nd

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seasonal knitting...

SO am I the only one who has "Seasonal Knitting Disorder"...maybe disorder is too strong word.

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Sometimes knitting gets the best of us...

Here's a video from an artist I like a whole lot. Her name is Camille and the song is called "Ta Douleur."

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Purl Increase

I was instructed by an experienced knitter that when increasing in a purl stitch, purl the stitch normally, slip it off the needle, and then take the purled stitch off the right needle, turn it, place

August 21st

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Looking for DPN's - Stainless Steel

I'm trying to source some 20 cm double-pointed knitting needles, stainless steel only. I would like sizes from 2.5 mm to 5.0 mm. I'm having a spot of trouble finding them on the internet.

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For Sunshine.

Finished this surprisingly easy newspaper boy hat out of wool from the Scottish Highlands. Worked up rather easily, only took about a day and have all ideas it will look awesome on him.

August 20th

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New kid in town

Hi everyone--

I've been reading some of the posts here, and this seems like a great site, so I hope to have fun knitting with you all.

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Second attempt at tam knitting

I read Mary Rowe's book on making tams in the spring. This is my second attempt using left over Shetland wool from other projects. Great fun.

August 19th

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Religion & Knitting

I was thinking about how religion and knitting are alike earlier and have decided to post my thoughts...they may or may not apply to you, so feel free to pass my comments off as poppycock.

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I'm Here!

Hey Guys!

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Great Demo on Continental Knitting...

Hey, guys (and gals now)! I just ran across a wonderful demo video clip on continental knitting! It's on, entitled "Continental knitting demo."