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August 27th

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Three new pairs of socks

Finished three pairs of socks in a week and a half. I am heading back to Canada for the autumn so they will be appreciated.

August 26th

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Hogwarts, House Scarf Pattern

Pattern Source: My own Pattern Crafty Andy 2007©

Needles: 2 Boye circular needles, 21 " cable, US sz. 6 . Darning Needle,(metal).

Hook: Size F for fringe and pulling yarn.

August 25th

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New projects and pics

Hi everyone,
I just wanted to share some pics with y'all. I finished my chullo hat and it is very purdy. And I started a scarf for a friend using the My So Called Scarf pattern.

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BronxKnits Big Day

Yesterday I went on an orgy of exploration; I rode my bike to 3 separate yarn shops here in New York City.

August 23rd

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Understanding the phantom that knits...

In response to a few inquiries as to the origin of my handle on this site... It is much easier to post my long-winded explanation for once and for all than to respond individually. Here goes...

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Fort Lauderdale...

Well, while I never got to meet OKknitguy due to our rather hectic schedule in Oklahoma City, we're now heading down to Ft Lauderdale for 2-5 months so hopefully this time there will be time to get o

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Alpaca Stitch Markers

Just wanted to share my lates acquisition, sometimes looking at this cutesies may make time fly by. Maybe not for Mario, but I hope you like them. Got them from Ebay.

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Damn Typo

Working on a Shawl from "Folk Shawls Today (?)" Pattern has a 308 cast-on. On the increase row, to 330 stitches, pattern said knit 18 stitches, kfb, knit 12, kfb..... knit 17 stitches.

August 22nd

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Hufflepuff Blocked

I have just washed this Hufflepuff Scarf and it is being blocked and getting dry. It is about 150 cm in length or 60 inches.

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Thanks for all the compliments on the hat! I appreciate that. Here's the link to the pattern many of you were asking for: