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SWS Natural Blue

So here's the next in my series of Soy-Wool-Stripes scarves. This one was knit with the Natural Blue color.

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I have made nearly everything out of Michael del Veccio's "Knitting With Balls" and was wondering if there were any other books with interesting patterns for men...

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A Helpful Hint

For those who don't already know, you can get knitting and crocheting books at amazon for really cheap. A few days ago I was bidding on the Vogue Hat's book......

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Pushing the limits...

haven't had much time to check in here lately because of work shtuff, but today work just happened to bring me by the LYS, where I picked up this....

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Bee Stitch

This is a new stitch for me as I am learning new stiches whille making dishcloths. Knit , then Knit1 under is collectively called a "Bee Stitch".