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Happy Fourth of July Dishcloths

I can't seem to move beyond making dishcloths. Most of my friends and relatives want one or two, so I keep cranking them out. I stumbled across some patriotic yarn, so I made a couple of variations of cloths for the upcoming holiday. I've been invited to a Fourth of July BBQ so one of these creations will be going along with me as a gift for the host, as soon as I can figure out which one I want to part with.

New stuff

Plans to up load pics are still on hold due to technical difficulties...nonetheless, I have stepped away from my circulars and dpns to learn some new techniques. Currently knitting a scarf (oddly, the first one) in a Feather and Fan pattern. Simple lace . Pattern truely isn't difficult, but, the caveat would be that simplicity paired with accuracy = success. So far, I am on my 6th version. Knit, discover, destroy, rinse, and repeat as necessary. I am learning tons, so, this is ultimately good. The yarn I'm using is really a beautiful handpainted superfine merino in deep blue and purple gradations by Dream in Color. It's a lovely yarn, and, gratefully, sturdy as it is holding up well under the repeated frogging and knitting. This attempt is doing well, so, with luck and perseverence....Who knows? I might well get it done in time for winter birthdays that seem wa-a-ay too close at the speed I'm going. Ahh well. I still have my cache of beanies in reserve......

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I haven't been around much, of late. Been spending more time on my site. I came across this on the CRAFT blog. Just wanted to share: