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July 26th

New member intro

Hi, you asked for intro and how all us females found and joined. It's mmario's fault. He posted the link in the Laughing Lace Knitting yahoo group.

July 25th

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NEW Knitting Needle CAME OUT!!!

I just checking my email...I got a email from "Knitting Zone" online yarn store! They have really really good NEW Knitting came out! It named "Fine needle" It is great for socks knitting and lace!

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Biggest Yarn Stash

Just found this in my Crochet Group just follow the link below

Biggest Stash in the World

You have to go and see it!

July 24th

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EZ Circles Shawl

Ok guys I'm attempting my first lace shawl for a friends wedding. She's a lovely Greek girl marrying a lovely Greek girl.

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A Crochet Hat

I knit and Crochet, at this time I make most of my Skull Caps in crochet. Each of my Skull Caps is one of a kind.

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Yarn for felting

Well over the rainbow with this getting upset about my twisted knitting.

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Queen Anne's Lace Shawl

The complete, proofed, test-knit PDF document is attached to this post.

July 22nd

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Felting Soap

I've just completed knitting my first wool bag for felting. The directions call for using laundry soap.

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It's that's whole self-published thing at, but still...

I've only really been online enough to communicate with the charity group that I belong to, and upload my work to get published.

July 21st

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Man Who Knits takes a Break

I am going to take a little break while I work on my awkward Knitting, ha, ha, ha.