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July 29th

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Irish Hiking Hat

Just finished it today and I am on my way of making another one bigger, with more cable panels. This one that I am showing will be for a gift.

Thanks for stopping by.

July 29th

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Men knitters in or near Sydney on TV

Channel 7 in Sydney is filming a segment on men knitters at the Rose Hill Craft show in August at the Hand Spinners and Weavers stand.

July 28th

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2-Ply posing as a 4-ply knitting wool

I have a question for spinners (or anyone else who knows the answer): I am knitting with the Shetland knitting wools that are “2-ply that knits as a 4-ply”.

My sweater

I'm just coming up to the 1 year anniversary on this fairisle sweater. It's slow going, especially since I haven't touched it in months - I'm working on a pair of thrummed mitts right now.

July 27th

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Recycled Sari Yarns

I got this shipment of yarn yesterday along with other stuff, but I just had to share this with you as it is one of the most beautiful yarns that I have ever bought.

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I felt the yarn

I won some auctions at Ebay for some hand dyed yarn. I also got the Interweave Felt Magazine to do some felting projects and see what's new in the Felting Realm.

July 26th


Thanks all for the welcome. Getting around site to see what is here.

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Circular Needles and some Lime

Circular Needles and some Lime colored yarn that is. This is my first attempt at using two circular needles to make a hat.

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On Dipping my hands in dyeing

Kettle Dyeing, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

So, here goes my first attempt at dyeing.

After brooding over and gathering information...I decided last night that it's now or never. Or like Bockstark Knits had said to me about the podcast: "Just do it!"

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Finished Hat

The hat has been finished, washed and blocked. It is now waiting for it's partner. I have an order for two and the other one will be on the works in a week or so.