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June 20th

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Blocking boards

Greetings from down under fellas! I was wondering if you have any suggestions for Blocking boards i found a great board at but when i enquired about shipping costs to Australia it came in at just below $200 USD. Do you guys know any other products that could be shipped cheaper or made here in Australia. perhaps you have a board that i can make???? look forward to hearing from you.
kind regards Arron

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Well sports fans it has happened:

I am now partially my mother. I am watching the Red Sox and knitting, all it would take to complete the picture would be a cup of tea, a slight accent and about 100 pounds shed; well maybe 120 and years and years of knitting experience.

So my couch project is coming along well. I am almost (within 2 inches) of shaping the neck. I am unsure whether to "go for it" and just follow the pattern to see what happens or take it into a LYS to make sure I am doing things correctly. Quandary Quandary.

Back to the first paragraph; it seems to me that baseball and knitting seem uniquely suited for each other. The pace of the game allows a novice knitter (me) to look down, read a pattern, make a note or honk at my yarn in the goose-like style without missing something REALLY important. I am beginning to see the benefits of a "Stitch and Pitch". I wonder if there are any more in the NY area.

I am posting an indifferent pic of my vest back. I was having issues with my camera and the lighting, Mea Culpa. I modified the pattern slightly in that I wanted the cables to "spin" in opposite directions. The original pattern has all the cables going in the same direction, but I knew that it was an easy fix so I went for it; it seems to make the project more personal to me.

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Regarding the cabling on the cabled computer case pattern in Knitting With Balls:

The WS rows are symmetrical, so they can be read from either direction, but the RS rows should be read from Right to Left, with each "chunk" of cable being read as it would from L to Right, but compensating from the fact you are flipping the work.

In short: I think I just needed to learn how to correctly read a cabling pattern...

June 19th

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Well, I finished the sweater vest, but I am too embarassed to post pictures of it. It ***almost*** fits my little girl, but I'm going to work a new one up, utilizing my row counter a bit more this time around while also making VERY GOOD USE of the knowledge you all have granted me. Plus, I'm going to make it bigger.

I wish there was a men's knitting group here in KC.

I will post some pics of some of my favorite scarf projects later when I can find my camera. Heh.

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Why is that I have more WIPs than FOs! Here is my latest FO, the Undulating Rib Sock from the Favorite Socks book by Interweave. The yarn, a washable merino wool from That Spinning Place website, is in shades of pale green, chocolate, lavender and violet....called Mood Swings. Have a look at the attached image.

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Latvian Mittens

So I bought the Latvian Mitten Book and here is the first mitten I have made from it so far.

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Argyle patterns?

Does anyone know of any good argyle patterns....traditional argyle. i found some pretty modern looking patterns but i am looking for a traditional looking one for a sweater vest. robably about 4-5 colors.....thanks in advance....:)

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Cabled Sweater Vest

So far, so...mediocre. LOL It told me to cast on some stitches at the beginning of two rows, and since I had no clue how to cast on when you've already got the yarn on the other needle, I just tried to M1s in a row. I'm pretty sure that's not the same thing given the completely different look it has than the picture in the book. Heh. The cable pattern on this sweater is exceedingly confusing, too, and I have jacked up in a couple of spots there, as well, but I started this sweater vest as more of a tester and not so much a be-all, end-all of sweater vests for dogs.

Despite its mis-shapenness and the lopsided nature of my increases (I think I stopped one row too early), I'm proud of it thus far if for no other reason than I'm venturing an attempt at something that has seemed very daunting until now. Actually, it still feels daunting, but less so. Heh. I'll post pics when I finish!

June 18th

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Okay, I started knitting a year ago, and had no teacher. Aside from the occasional (and VERY helpful) visit to, I basically taught myself. This came with an extremely great sense of accomplishment with one very very big downside: I don't know $hit! I've knitted a billion different scarves (even a bunch of cables!), but only two non-scarf projects: a fitted cap and a felted belt.

So last night I started the Grey Cabled Vest for a dog that's in the book "Men Who Knit & The Dogs Who Love Them." (It's one of the last couple of patterns.) I've worked up to the arm decrease, and it tells me to BO 4 sts off the beginning of the next two rows. Then it tells me to continue "with no shaping" on the cable pattern as established. What does it mean to not shape the cable? I've Googled shaping +knitting, but have only found patterns that mention shaping, and they don't really shed any light on what it means. I have a feeling it's terribly simple... Ha!

Sorry for the ramble. I tend to be a bit chatty, even when I'm just typing.

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zippy diamond vest

Has anyone knitted the zippy diamond vest from "Never knit your man a sweater..."? I was wondering how the sizes work out. They have a 42" and a 46.5" pattern, but naturally I'm in between. Slightly. Before I add a few stitches and work out additions here and there, can anyone tell me what the finished sizes are like in reality?