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Cast on another "My Design"

AC4C (All Crafts 4 Charity -- the group that I knit for) absolutely loved the sweater/jacket that I did up...

So, I've cast on another one with a different variegated -- has more of a yellow bit to it, so, I'll do the solid sleeves again in yellow.

'cool...I love it when things go well with a pattern that I show everyone.

OH YEAH...and football is just around the corner!!! Patriots had mini camp this week!!! I can feel it in my bones already. I'm ALL over that!!!


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UP Up and away!

flying to West Palm Beach tomorrow, (Niece's wedding) and will be gone a few days.

The various WIP's are either too big at this point, or worked from cones, which is awkward, or both, so of course I had to start a new project. (ouch! twist my arm!)

It will be a rectangular stole, done in an eyelet diamond pattern, alternated with stockinette diamonds and a simple "frame" of reverse garter stitch.

It's using some black laceweight - I think it's alpaca but I may be wrong - on size US 6 needles (small size for me, but they are the "brightest" needles I have, and with black laceweight I need the contrast)

eleven repeats of the diamonds should give me the length I need. *IF* my sister did as I requested and got me an aisle seat, then I should have a good length of this done by the time the weekend is over. Should have some good qaulity knitting time both Saturday and Sunday; I'm not in the wedding party so my time should be mostly free except for the ceremony and reception - and since Saturday is KIP International, it seems appropriate that The Hampton Inn Lobby be graced by my presence.