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Necessary equipment

I was looking through a few things on eBay, and located this piece of equipment, which I feel is very necessary for anyone that handles a bunch of yarn -- and that's just about everyone here!

New Wooden (Birch) Swift Yarn Winder Umbrella Medium
los angeles, CA, United States
US $6.50

That's a very good deal for this item, but take into consideration the shipping to you as well. Don't everyone bid on this and boost the price up too high!! NAYY

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New Zealand Knitter's Weekend

Hi everyone,
Just thought I'd let you know that Kiwiknitter and I had a blast last week at the Knitter's weekend. We were definitely in the minority as "Men Who Knit" but more than made up for it by being two of the most visible knitters. On the Saturday afternoon we decided to avoid the crowds and knit together upstairs at the New Dowse gallery... but gallery visitors kept lining up to talk to us about our knitting. I guess in reality we became a live, interactive exhibit at the gallery. Everyone was impressed by our knitting ability and the projects we were working on and they applauded us for knitting in public.

This photo is of me competing in a speed knitting competition during the weekend. I only planned on watching the contest but got too close to the action and had needles and yarn thrust at me and was told to sit down and cast on! I didn't win the contest... but I can honestly say I was the fastest guy in the competition. The fact that I was the only guy is quite besides the point. If you look closely you can see that I was proudly wearing my Men Who Knit badge.
Thanks go to Kiwiknitter for taking the photo.