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A new hobby

Well hello all. My name is Stacy and I am going to make knitting my new hobby. I have always wanted to knit I just never had the coiurage to give it a try. Being that it is known to be something that only women do. But then I saw the book Knitting With Balls and said well what the hell am I waitng for.
So the first thing I did was register to this site. I have not even bought supplies yet. Speaking of supplies can some through a list at me. You know of a new knitter should start out with. Well that is it hope to get my first project on here soon.

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What's up with MWK?

The last couple of times I tried to post anything here, I got a message saying that it had to be reviewed first by the moderator and will be published....but up to this date, nothing had been published.

So, what's up with that guys? Has it got something to do with the fact that I blog about my recent buys and stash enhancement with referrals to the dyer or where I got the yarns from that the posts aren't being published, because they're deem as advertisement? Or is it the fact that the post was uber-long? If then, why does MWK have a truncate version of the post available at all?

If so, then why not say something to me instead of just keeping quiet about it and not publishing my posts? I'm really unhappy about this. I mean, I spent time writing up those posts not just for them to be thrown away without any reasons being voiced to me.

The least I'd like to ask for is for some explanations.