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Knitpicks vs Addi

I've been hearing lots lately about the Knitpicks circular needles kit. It looks pretty nice and I'm wondering what others have to say about it, especially in comparison to the Addi Turbos. I have a huge investment in the Addi Turbos but my objection is that the memory of the coiled cable is too strong and even with the hot water method of relaxing them, they still revert to the coiling. I like the Knitpicks idea of having a goodly selection in a smallish case. The difficulty with their product is that the smallest needle size is the 3.5 mm and lately I am using even smaller sizes. I also understand that the tips are quite sharp and I wonder about that. The bamboo set looks nice but I never use bamboo any more. Anyone care to give their opinions?

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we hit 900 members today... we are growing in numbers... soon there will be thousands of us on the site... cheers m8s...

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Modern Knitting for sure

So today sweetie will be going off for a long distance sailing race (well only 60 miles or so, but still longer than anything she has done before in race mode) and I will be staying home nursing a sore jaw back from a root canal. We were chuckling about it, how the traditional roles had been reversed; how modern and progressive of us. I suppose I should make her sailing socks or something warm to wear on the rail but then she is a MUCH better knitter than I. So today a brave Boyf watches impassively as his sweetie goes off to do battle on the high seas of Long Island Sound, knitting the only thing to sooth his worried mind; a true panacea for all that ails, well that and hot tea.

Have a great weekend y’all

Knitting (and dry!) in the Bronx