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an article on my Dad was published in my parents local paper today:

it's here online at least for a few days.


Modest but steady. I completed a hat down to the last stitch reduction on dpns. Hat #2 is on the needles. YEE-HAH!!Thanks to all who gave help/encouragement.

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Send Me Your Knitting Site or Blog Address

Hi guys!

Haven't been around in awhile. I've been really busy with all my crafting and redesigning my website. I am wanting to add a page to my site that has links to other websites and blogs created by other men who knit. It seems like every day online or out in the real world some people still think that knitting is a "girls only" thing to do. That is why I want to put this page of links together so that people can see that it is not just a girls thing. So if you would like your link included on my page all you have to do is send me the address to your site or blog to and please put "Add My Knitting Site (or blog)" in the subject line so that I won't think your mail is a potential spam and accidentally delete it. Crochet sites are welcome as well. Thanks, David -