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My First Project

After having not knitted since I was a kid, a more than a 30 years hiatus, I decided to pick up the needles again. I've just completed my first project, a beanie in a beautiful deep purple "Silkroad Aran Tweed" yarn from Jo Sharp (a wool/silk/cashmere mix). Not the hardest project in the world, a simple beanie with a single rib edge and 5 spiral decreases, but I'm inordinately pleased and proud of it. First project down, many to go hopefully!

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LYS in Seattle

Hey everyone,

I'm traveling up to Seattle this weekend for a wedding but will have some free time and was wondering if anyone knew of great yarn shops in the Seattle area. Any suggestions?


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"Selbuvotter" - The book

Yesterday in the post I received my latest knitting book. It's called "Selbuvotter - Biolgraphy of a Knitting Tradition" by Terri Shea in Seattle, WA. The book is a result of her work at the Seattle Nordic Heritage Museum, cataloging Nordic knitted garments. In that project, she charted the designs of the mittens and gloves she was cataloging. The book has 30 patterns for the Norwegian black and white stranded knitting patterns for mittens and gloves. There is a nice section on the history of this style of knitting as well as some practical how-to advice. The graphs are large and easy to read and there are photos of each style knitted up. I ordered the book directly from the author and she is lovely to deal with. Check out the website:

My thanks to JPaul for telling me about this book!

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I had no idea editing my posts would repost them to the main thread so many times! Is there any way that can be fixed? I apologize for the repetitions, I was trying to see if multiple pictures could be posted to one blog entry!

What a first impression to make, eh? Hehe. Be well all! Lesson learned!

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It reminds me of a cookie.

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This was easy to knit, but hard to felt. It needed one more felting than I thought before I sewed the parts together, so I tried felting it one more time and some of the edges got a little wonky. Its still incredibly functional, even if the lines aren't perfect!

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White hat

White had, rounded instead of flat.

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Some of my projects.

These are, respectively, the 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th things I've knitted ever.

The first are a pair of felted hats knitted with the same basic design, but shaped differently, the next is a satchel from, and last is the entrelac scarf I'm currently making to practice my backwards knitting. Slowly.