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November 29th

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Portuguese Knitting

I went to a school board meeting last night, I sat down in the back as always with my knitting bag at my feet and started knitting away, someone sat down next to me and when I glanced over I see a a

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FO - The Tucson Suguaro Cap

Matt and I spent Thanksgiving down in Tucson - I was inspired by the landscape (and beautiful weather) to try to make a saguaro cactus beanie.

Well, That Was A Waste Of Time

I finally finished my first project, a beanie (london beanie) that I found on the net. After taking it on a plane and knitting a week, HA!

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Knitting with dog hair?!!

To all people who spin out there:

November 28th

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Finished a Fisherman's watchcap today.

It was too small.

Frogged it.


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Son of Book Mini-Reviews

This might be the last one of these for awhile.

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I just sent my sister a sweater which I knitted. The problem is, somehow I screwed up on the size and the arms are way too wide and floppy.

November 27th

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Queen Anne Lace Shawl - Blocked

I finally got around to blocking my first Queen Anne Lace shawl knit from Mario's pattern. I love the pattern. I do apologize for the picture.

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Calling All Mile High Knitters!

So I think we're going to try to get together this Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm at Dazbog's Coffee Shop on 9th and Downing. Post responses to this if you have any questions.

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So I keep starting these socks, and then deciding that I don't like the stitch I'm doing, and starting over. Grr. Anyway, off to choir rehearsal a.k.a. prime knitting time.