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Queen Anne Lace Shawl - Blocked

I finally got around to blocking my first Queen Anne Lace shawl knit from Mario's pattern. I love the pattern. I do apologize for the picture.

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Calling All Mile High Knitters!

So I think we're going to try to get together this Saturday afternoon from 3-5pm at Dazbog's Coffee Shop on 9th and Downing. Post responses to this if you have any questions.

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So I keep starting these socks, and then deciding that I don't like the stitch I'm doing, and starting over. Grr. Anyway, off to choir rehearsal a.k.a. prime knitting time.

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Crochet Gothic Sun Hat Lateral View

My hat was inspired by the Gothic Quarters of Barcelona. A knit version will not be hard using the Colorstranding Techniques. This is the Lateral view of the Hat. Thanks for stopping by!

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I feel bad...

I have yet to put anything on my blog yet...But I have been busy with finals coming up, a promotion at work, and sleeping? Anyway one day I will put some stuff up.


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Spinner Folk

For my spin kin out there a tip: Many times I have tried to concoct a spinning oil to spray onto my fleece to cause the fibers to slip more easily and evenly as I spin.

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Crochet Gothic Sun Hat

Back from my Vacation to the Ancestral Lands, I was able to create a nice Tapestry Crochet Hat. I will share more of my vacation with you guys later.

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BSJ Is Finished!

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Labyrinth Started!

Well, I've started (actually, I've started 3 times... I'm continuing this one!) I've learned a number of things so far:

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WIP frenzy

Uhhh...I just realized I now have four works in progress.