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Argyle Pullover Vest

here is the being 2 1/2 of my Argyle Pullover Vest in the round. I'm gonna try it in the round. I really hope this work out

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Weekend Knitting

I stole away to southwest Michigan this weekend.

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Honorable slytherin House Hat

Here it is. I am happy to tell you that this was the most fun I ever had making a project. It was such a creative outlet and it is definitely something I will be doing more often.

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My beautiful niece, Jessica, turns four years old tomorrow and this afternoon was the birthday gathering.

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Greek Key Cap - Stranding Project

Well, it's finished. I got some suggestions on how to finish it off with the flat top. Basically divided it into 10 sections of 9 needles each and decreased each section every other row.

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knitting with double point needles

when using double point needles do use a spare needle to knit with?

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I subscribe to Interveave 'Knits' magazine and the latest issue continues a trend found in most knitting magazines of including little or nothing for men in the way of sweaters patterns, designs etc.

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HEY Guys~

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Useful Items for Stranded Knitting

Here are two devices I found useful for stranded knitting. Neither is new but I thought I'd post about them for anyone who is considering this knitting technique.