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The Opposite of a Tinfoil Hat?

I whipped up this hat over the past couple of days for three reasons:

1. A Christmas present for my younger, video game obsessed brother.

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Picking up stitches

Regarding picking up stitches, for instance around a steeked armhole to knit the sleeves- there seems to be some mystery about this.

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Cross Stitch turn into Knitted Pattern

Is there a way I can turn a cross stitch pattern into a knitted patterns. B/c I have a pattern of a cross stitch angels I love and i want to take it into a knitted afghan.

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Yarn Shop Hop

Well, this weekend was the kickoff for Atlanta's Yarn Shop Hop - visit 10 yarn stores in 10 days, and be entered in a drawing for 1000$ worth of yarn or related paraphenalia, and other prizes.

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Spammer on the lose!

Who is this Bozo "xnickn05316" spamming our blogs. Thanks Darrel for taking care of it so fast !! Kudos!

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Chart reading

I know how to read a chart when i am Crocheting and cross stitching. Is it the same way when in knitting also.

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Any SW Michigan Male Knitters?

I know the season is starting to get busier and busier for many of us and the idea of another "meeting" probably seems overwhelming, but I was wondering how many male knitters there are in SW Michigan

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Sshhh! It's almost 3:30 A.M.

Everyone is asleep. I have been studying all weekend for an exam on Monday. The agreement was that I would not knit until after the exam...