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Have anyone Knitted with Ribbon before, if so how did your project come out.

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Casting The Slytherin Hat

I have started to make this Slytherin hat using a graph and looking at how to make a snake. My golden snitches stitch markers are a great help. Stay tuned, this will be in color stranding as well.

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Flat top hats

When I was in Nepal with the Peace Corps back in the early 90s, I picked up a couple of great knitted caps that had flat tops.

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Make Yarn look Healthy Again

Is there a way I can make yarn look like it have it's shine again when I first bought it, if so how?

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Spin you, spin me...

Minty Bamboo, originally uploaded by elemmaciltur.

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Mug o' Mine

There is a small chain of yarn shops in NZ which this past year sponsored our Knitters' Weekend. As a follow-up they issued this mug - I wonder if they were thinking of me?