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October 26th

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First pictures...

...with my very first illusion knitting piece. I figured I would do some kind of simple design like a diamond or a heart just to begin.

Attached is what I have so far.

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Holiday scarfing begins…

…and I don’t mean the food!!

October 25th

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Casting on...

I'm just wondering what everyone's prefered method of casting on is.

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Finally! (II)

Humpff... Now I actually had the time to upload the damn thing, I choose the wrong asset... Anyway, what I really wanted to say was:

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Anyone ever knit "Summer Into Fall Shawl"

Has anyone every knit the Summer Into Fall Shawl from Goddess Knits? It's a square shawl knit in the round. Sounds very interesting to me.

Check it out:

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Knitting in London and New York

Hi Guy's!

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"Business" venture

I'm stoked!

October 24th

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A Little Sweater

Finished a sweater for my six year old niece. I used some Paton's merino that was left over from another project. I have resolved to use up my odds and ends and will do some mittens.


HOW do you guys do such intricate work???

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Honorable Ravenclaw House Scarf (WIP 2)

Just wanted to share the work in progress progress.. I am hoping to finsh this scarf next week. You can see the orange markers are where the stitch is actually slipped.