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Intarsia? I hardly even know her! (and other stuff)

Punkfairy came up with an awesome suggestion for a knitting project: a pair of boxers or briefs. I think I shall research on making one as a hat.

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Autumn Rainbow Shawl

or " Flashback to the Sixties" - which is what my sister says it should be named.

Photo is attached as a file. Not yet blocked.

Custom Intarsia Designs

So, I've been really fascinated by graphic knits...especially after seeing the book by the same title. But how do you make your own, I thought. I think I have found an easy way...finally!

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With the latest poll I see that Bamboo Needles are very popular. I myself voted for the good old fashion plastic needles...

I am curious what are the pros and cons of Bamboo needles?

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The Knitting Man(ual)

At last my copy of the Knitting Man(ual) has arrived. It contains garments for men, mostly classic stuff with a modern twist. Some lovely jumpers (sweaters) but I don't like the boat-necks.