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Just venting

Sorry for the non-knitting related post, but I need to vent, and no one ever reads my LiveJournal blog. LOL

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I ran across this site and think it's fantastic!

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Garter Yoke Cotton T

I took the pattern that I designed and instead of making a sweater out of it, dug out one of my pound cones of Peaches-n-Cream cotton and made a short sleeve pullover from it.

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The Garter Yoke Sweater

This is the newest pattern that I designed that's going into my second book. I'm wicked excited about it!

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Sockweight Sweater

I used a sockweight wool/acrylic blend (the shop I got it from just called it "Special") to make this.

First Post!

Hi! I'm new and I'm glad I found this site. How are you guys doing?