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"Easy Peasy" - Mark II

finished this up over last weekend - though I've left it to the recipients to block.

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Tire Denim Messenger Bag

Stephen over at Hizknits with some substantial modifications. More picture and a brief explanation can be found at my blog.


And so it begins...

First off, this is my first ever blog. Ever. I know, right?

Falling Water Lace

This is the pic I started to post, thought I did, and probably sent it on a long voyage into a cyber black hole. This was the second shot at lace.

Posting pics

OK -if all turns out well, what's attached is a feather and fan lace scarf I finished a while back. This was the first go at lace and the first go at a scarf.

Posting pics

I finally got an image to upload, and, it's on the site, I think? Dunno. It's hell being a dinosaur!

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Not much knitting....

...but more of spinning:

"Forest Moss", single worsted/DK weight handspun