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Koigu on the go!!

Hello out there!! Finally got the dpns I needed for my delicious Koigu yarn courtesy of the new I Knit London shop, where I had the pleasure of meeting Craig and Gerard, two lovely chaps! Looking forward to seeing them again soon! My socks are taking shape, although I must admit I'm freaking a bit at what's taking shape!! I didn't realise the increase in needle and yarn size would produce SO much of an increase in sock size!! I'm so used to the 'slim' results from the fingering weight, but I suppose that's the adventure!! Anyway, photos of a new pair soon hopefully!! Ciao for now! Ivan

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Nicky Epstein

Does anyone know anything about Nicky Epstein? She has published a few books, her latest is called Knitted Flowers but I only discovered her recently and still have not see any of her books.