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I'm working on a new scarf design.

I'm trying something new (to me). I've cast on enough stitches to make a scarf, but lengthwise, with scrap yarn. I'm knitting half of the width and casting off. Then I'm knitting up the cast on stitches and going in the other direction. It's a shell-like lace pattern so the pull of the different angles is creating an interesting effect. See pictures of my progress so far here.

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FInished the Sweater Sampler!

It's taken me about 4 months and I'm finally done with the sweater sampler!.  For those of you who havn't read earlier postings about this, it's from a book called "The Sweater Workshop" 2nd Edition, by Jacqueline Fee.  Her whole thing is knitting sweaters in the round from the bottom up, doing the sleeves from the bottom up, joining them to the body in progress, then finishing the neck.  Voilà, no seams to sew.

I picked up a number of new skills, including understanding increases and decreases much better, knitting with two colors at the same time, creating I-cords and knitted belts, creating pockets (she even shows you how to add a pocket AFTER you're done with the garment), creating a placket, short rows, and multiple ways to finish a sweater (lace, I-cord, ribbing, hem).  I highly recommend this book to any other newbie out there as well as to any of you experts that are knitting your sweaters in pieces and then sewing them together and would like to try something different.

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OH My!!!

I can't believe how long it has been since I have been on this sight. I am so sorry I have neglected you all. Here I was loking for other guys to talk with and have not been on here to check out whats been going on. Jus t to bring you up to date, have two new socks on needles and ready to close the toes, and have started another pair of socks with self striping yarn. Have takn a break from knitting for just a little while, I am trying to buy a salon in my area, and that has been taking up more time than I thought it would. Glad to see lots of new faces and the same familiar faces also. Drop me a line and I promise I will get back to you this time.

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Gentlemen... Grab Your Balls!

AND WE'RE OFF!  (if we are lucky)

For those of you who are tired of seeing my ugly mug up here every morning.....I am too.  But just think..... I have to live with it every day!

I want to thank you all for getting behind this progect.  Happily, next monday we are going to be having our first men's knitting group getting together here in Dallas.  What I would like to accomplish here is to give those who have no such opportunity, to have a sense of commoradarie and union, develope friends and live, love and promote what we all do.... in short... a sense of home.