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Fluffy Bunny Hat

So I love angora. It is so soft an sooo warm but it sooooo sheds. Is there anyway to make it not shed or minmize the sheddage?



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Winter Exchange!!!!


How are you doing?
I just wondering if wanna do this or not? Elemmaciltur and I, doing exchange scarf or hat each other if wanna join!!!!! Email me back!!!

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Side to side sweater patterns?

Does anyone have a pattern for (or have knitted) a side to side sweater or know where I can find such patterns? In the past, I've seen sweaters that are knit from wrist cuff to wrist cuff or the sleeves are knitted separately from the front and back (the front and back are knitted from side seam to side seam.) I've looked and looked for a pattern but am not having any luck finding one. I'd prefer one that knits up using bulky weight or at least worsted weight yarn.

And if you've knitted a side to side sweater, how did you like it's fit? Did it fit well or was in prone to stretching and bagging?

- TomH

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got my stuff today

Ordered a T-shirt and mug to help support our cause. Love em. T-shirt very good quality. Coffee tastes extra good. Thought I'd share a pic. Happy knitting. :-)