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January 20th

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a new hat and some thoughts on CHEAP needles

Hi Boys!

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Annie's tank

Finally got a picture of my freind Annie in the tank I knit her for her birthday.

January 19th

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Ripping a whole stocking hat out...

I was one row away from finishing a stocking hat that was being done with stocking thin (1) and #2 and #3 circular needles. I have never worked with#1 yarn and never such small needles. I'm glad that the folks at Addi had some that I bought most of for the reward money we got when wife purchased my addi click set.

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New Year's Resolution Already Broken

Good Evening Guys,

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VOGUE 1947

Isn't it a wonderful advertisement. In today's language it makes it almost hilarious.

January 17th

Purple rain sweater cowl

Fellow knister's, this purple rain sweater cowl has just jumped off the needles. It was knitted from Rowan big wool, using size 13 for the ribbing and 15 for the body itself. I for went the original bind off, as I wanted the bind off to be very elastic, I tinkered around with it until I was pleased with the results.

January 16th

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My Antique Spinning Wheel

Good Evening Guys,

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And the World Keeps Spinning

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Just F.I.N.E. now.

As the medically minded of the members here on Men Who Knit know, the answer to the question, "How have you been?"

tells a great deal. The query offers a neutral, safe and simple landing spot for an answer. All too often, though, the answer can be a direct social lie.

"I an fine. Thanks for asking!"

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Another News Story re the knitting Ryan Gosling