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March 11th



Here is some pics of my afghan I put together this winter. I bought the yarn when I was visiting in Indy. They had after Christmas sales. I bought a few skeins per store. I think there were like three of them, that I hit when I was there.

March 11th

"Kureyon" Jacket

I designed and knit this cardigan in 1984 when Noro yarns "Kureyon" first came onto the market and the designs of Kaffe Fassett were wowing us all. Instead of using a gazillion yarns of many shades, as Kaffe did, I decided that this one yarn could create that rich effect in a much simpler way!

Top-Down Raglan

Here is a top-down raglan knit in Noro "Kureyon". This is a good way to use self-striping yarns, as there is no matching of color bands necessary and it has a balanced final look.

March 10th

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A little spinning on Sunday

I just wanted to share some of my spinning. It is Suri alpaca and it is like a dream. I almost forgot how to spin, but that is ridiculous, there is muscle memory and that will come back as soon as you spend some time spinning.

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The Brethren WIP


March 8th

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Part 2 Weinstein's Raglan

Good Morning Fellow Knitter's,

March 7th

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The Queen of Winter

Meet my new coffee can doll, Suzie Snowflake! Read all about it on my blog:

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the recent poll on knitting cost got me thinking...

I am what some might call cheap. I prefer words like "thrifty" or even "frugal" (got to bring that word back into use).
Knitting is no different, why waste money on name brand stuff?
Right now my favorite sticks (needles) are homemade bamboo DPN's


Recyling a vest for my younger son from third grade into a sweater for his high school senior year. Since he now is 6'3", I added the yarn I had bought at the same time for a sweater for his brother, which I never did knit. The boys chose the yarn, Marr Haven, themselves when we visited the farm near Allegan, MI.

March 6th


Big snow blast of March 6, 2013

Here pic of my dog we went out after I finally dug out around 11 today. Needless to say I am dug out but the city has not done there part, now I just wait so I do not get stuck,so took a vacation day! Lots of knitting today!