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April 3rd


Finished my first pair of socks

Well last night at 11:00 pm(during PBS documentary "Kind Hearted Woman" I finished my first pair of kniitted socks. And they joy I felt when I put them on for the first time. It was in heaven!. They are 75 % merino wool, and 25 % nylon. Paton. Although the pics show a bit of brown (why I do not know) they are a lightly shaded greys and blacks. with a bit of twist in the yarn.

April 1st

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other things

Although I'm a obsessed knitter, at times I need a break and this is what else I do.

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My latest Project

As I live in a warm climate I don't do a great deal of knitting these days other than bits for charity. Here is my latest rug. I cast on 361 sts, mark the 181 st with a safety pin and knit to two sts before the pin, knit these two sts together, knit the marked st and knit the next two sts tbl and knit to end.

March 31st

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Estonian Lily of the Valley scarf

Hi guys, I just wanted to share a project that I completed
It's one of the Estonian lace scarves from...

March 30th

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Men's Rocky Mountain Knitting Retreat!

Hey there guys! Registration for the 2013 MRMKR is now open. The retreat will be Thurs, July 18 through Sun, July 21 in beautiful Allenspark, Colorado. We'll be staying at the Sunshine Mountain Lodge with Cathy and Cory and their amazing cooking.

March 29th

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Help with pattern

I am working on a new pair of socks using a simple pattern using bulky yarn. I have gotten everything correct but have gotten to a part that has totally baffled me. I am attaching the was free...and if you have time, would someone please look at it and on the Make heel flap section on the second page, can you help me interpret the highlighted section?

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My first knitting project still working on it

Had to share. Not done with it but wanted to see what y'all thought.....
It will only attach one of the pics hope y'all can see it well enough

March 28th

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Recent projects..

Hello everybody,

It has been a while since I have posted anything, but I have been knitting a lot. I have been knitting a lot and currently have about 4 projects in the works.

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Heard About It?...Well, Here Are The Moving Pictures...With Sound!

I performed in a new work on April 19th in NYC. Composer Jobina Tinnemans' Killing Time for knitters and ensemble (World Premiere MATA commission).