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May 21st

Stephen West Old Forge Afghan

Just finished the Old Forge Afghan in madelinetosh vintage, porcelain and rust. A fast and fun knit with the exception of the boarder that just seemed to take forever. I tried to upload pictures but the file is too big

May 20th

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Rocky Mountain MKR

Just a reminder that the Men's Knitting Retreat in Allenspark, CO is less than two months away. It goes from 18 - 21 of July.

Last I knew, we were only at half capacity - or less - so there are lots of chances for you to still register for a great weekend in the Rocky Mountains. Go to the Men's Knitting Retreats website, or the links through the RMMKR page on Ravelry's MKR group.

May 19th

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OT: not much knitting, too much yard work

Arbor Day came and went. I did not get to plant a tree this year, sad. I did thin down my perennial herb bed, sharing culinary herbs with neighbors was almost as rewarding. I mean who does not enjoy fresh oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, mint, and lemon balm.

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Toilet Paper and Twisted Yarn

So I posted this blog post over at my knitting shop's blog yesterday:

I think it's a really fun thing to think about. It's nowhere near as entertaining as "Knittingman"s blogs, but hopefully it's helpful.

May 17th

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Pictures of so e projects

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Leaves of grass

I think named this pattern's the leaves of grass

May 15th

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Retreat! Retreat! The Knitters Are Coming! Drop Your Stitches! Runs!

My best to the guys gathering with QueerJoe's leadership! Have a great time. Wish I wuz there!

May 15th

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Question about Needles and storage...

Hope you guys are doing awesome and there are some awesome things going on. My question is odd, but how many needles, or sets of needles do you have? How do you store them?

The reason I ask is that I now have about 150 sets of needles...NO, not separate needles, sets...1-10.5.

Thanks for any inspiration anyone can offer.


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Red Dress And A Bass Drum

A young man I know has a story to tell…where family and friends knit relationships. I play a part, a small one, but I wanted to share this with my comrades at Men Who Knit. I am a long-term HIV survivor, but I will let him tell you
the story.

Worked on my mac, but HTML codes are not my forte.

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Hat Recipe

Hello all!

I'm back and more involved with knitting and designing again.

I've created my first for sale pattern on ravelry. It is my go-to pattern for hats, and I wrote it out as a recipe for re-sizing etc (my preferred method of knitting patterns).

Check it out.