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July 29th

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Baby hat's, for sale??? MOM!!!

So I knitted 2 baby hats, I have 2 nieces that are having babies. This past weekend there was a family reunion OH PERFECT. I can give the hats, but first I'd like to show mom my handy work.

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Would you join a knitting or crochet group in your area

95% (95 votes)
0% (0 votes)
Yes, but not in public
5% (5 votes)
Total votes: 100

July 28th

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Aran Paint + (stitch pattern design sopftware) Demo review

I found this program on the web for designing stitch patterns.
It is one of the few programs that offer a simulated view of the stitch pattern. Stitch patterns can be viewed as, vertical repeats, horizontal repeats, or all over patterns.

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Theiving Alpaca

See all of the gorgeous images on my main blog at

July 27th

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Yarn Bowl: Why the Yarn Channel Keyhole is Important

New blog post about Right handed yarn bowls vs. Left Handed yarn bowls and why the keyhole is important.
Ya'll can make fun of my drawings if you like. Drawing with a mouse is tough!

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Sock Cast On?

Howdy fellas. What cast on do you use for your socks? I've always used long tail but I'm sure there's a better way to do it. Any suggestions?

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Men's Retreat - Allenspark -2013

What to say? A most memorable always.

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Kirrmaier II Raglan V-neck Top Down - Finished

Morning Everyone,

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Ankle Socks with i-cord bind off

I saw that Johnathan had on footies for sock, which I liked a lot. Here's my question and perhaps Johnathan can chime in here too. If I make them a bit longer than the ankle, it will look okay but I like the kind that stops just as it overflows the shoes. I was thinking about making an i-cord bind off so that they won't work their way down into my shoe while I am on a hike.

July 26th

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Kirrmaier II Part D- Almost Done. Sleeves Complete

Good Evening All,

Well I am almost complete and on schedule. I hope to complete the garment this weekend. All that is left to do is the V-Neck finish and weave in all the ends. I really like Heidi's pattern. Comes together fast. Looks great and I really like my I Cord Bind-Off to her original pattern. Here is a pic taken a few minutes ago before dinner.