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September 10th

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Posted by Vogue Knitting on Facebook, Advice Column Dear John

I thought some might enjoy this :-)

Dear John
My husband took up knitting a few years ago when it was undergoing a bit of a resurgence. He's always loved making things, he's a very fussy knot-tier from his days in the Navy, and I think the incongruity of a man like him knitting (he's kind of a man's man) appealed to him, too.

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Bros and Rows: The Real History Of Men Who Knit

September 7th

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Knitting Collision Colorwork - Done

Good Afternoon All,

September 6th

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Hemşin Sock Again

Hemşin (HEM-sheen) is a village - actually two different villages with people of the same ethnic origin - in Turkey's E. Black Sea region. I first saw a similar sock to this on a friend whose mother had knitted it for him.

September 5th

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Thunderhorse54 soccks

here's a lighter and smaller pic of
Thunderhorse54 socks

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First pair of socks!

My first pair of socks are completed!!! Done one at a time using magic loop. I might try two at a time if I can find some good instructions. What do you guys use on here? DPNs, magic loop, or two circs?

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started new stranded sock

so i pretty much finished all the 'Macedonian appropriate'(my term) heavy
men's long socks from my last post. i decided to tackle a project a friend
asked me to do, which is to copy a pair of women's Thracian traditional socks
for him. after working on the thick men's socks, using inexpensive synthetic
heavy 4 ply yarn and #8 needles, it was a real challenge readjusting to using

September 4th


My Trip to Netherlands

Been awhile since I have written and thought I just update you all. I am three days back from my vacation to Amsterdam. And it met all my expectations. Only I didn't have much time to look for knitting stores. I did happen to find one in the city of Hoorn. And they were having a sale on yarn! Of course what could I do!!! I bought a skein of llama and two of finger weight merino wool.

August 31st

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Jaywalkers for me

Well, after seeing them here, making a pair for my mom and deciding I needed a pair for myself too, I think I've had enough of jaywalkers for a while! I do enjoy the pattern though it does take a bit more time than some because of the larger number of stitches involved to compensate for relative lack of elasticity in the leg.

August 30th

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color affection by Veera Valimaki

Good Evening Everyone,