Archive - Sep 5, 2013

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Thunderhorse54 soccks

here's a lighter and smaller pic of
Thunderhorse54 socks

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First pair of socks!

My first pair of socks are completed!!! Done one at a time using magic loop. I might try two at a time if I can find some good instructions. What do you guys use on here? DPNs, magic loop, or two circs?

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started new stranded sock

so i pretty much finished all the 'Macedonian appropriate'(my term) heavy
men's long socks from my last post. i decided to tackle a project a friend
asked me to do, which is to copy a pair of women's Thracian traditional socks
for him. after working on the thick men's socks, using inexpensive synthetic
heavy 4 ply yarn and #8 needles, it was a real challenge readjusting to using