Archive - Aug 6, 2013

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"Hollywood" Knits Update

Well, after several delays -- and some plain old laziness -- I finally finished the Cary Grant pattern. Other than his cleft chin (Groucho had his mustache, glasses, and cigar; Bette Davis had her "eyes"), he doesn't have any physical characteristics that stand out. So I'm not sure how good a likeness this is.

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Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat-Registration is open

Hey Ya'll,
A hearty southern greeting to the male knitters of the Southeast! I think I finally am beginning to figure this whole thing out so....It's time to start planning the Southeast Men's Knitting Retreat 2013 !!!

About dresses

Anyone know the material of dresses?
they are not knit.
like the dress ,Cotton? Fiber? Chemical fiber?how to see it?
Cotton? Fiber? Chemical fiber?