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July 5th

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Thinking of a European men's knitting retreat in Dublin, Ireland within the next year or two. Any interest?

Yes (Would try to make it, would definitely go, might help)
63% (10 votes)
No (too far, can't afford, don't like retreats, etc.)
38% (6 votes)
Total votes: 16

July 4th

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Back with the needles

Good morning gentlemen,
I'm back with needles and yarn in my hands. The error of my ways was made clear to me from a fellow member on here, PHEW! The kind and caring words made me see the light.

I've found a knitting group, Seneca Falls Knitting Club. While composed of women until this point, they welcomed me.

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Odinn by Ragga Eiríksdóttir

Odinn Sweater (11)

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2 Sweaters Gone!

Happy 4th All,

July 3rd

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Questions for a survey

Hello all,

July 2nd

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Bill and Anyone else interested : Fiber Factor Challenge #3 Blank Slate

July 1st

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Mobius Scarf

Hope that someone remembers this and I'm not crazy. A few months ago someone posted a video of an "unvention" for a mobius like scarf. It was knit as a circular cowl with a row of button holes on one long edge and buttons on the other. Depending on the way that the buttons/holes were aligned, it caused more or less twist on the cowl, eventually turning it into a mobius or a double mobius.