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June 4th

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Colour by Crafty Andy

Handdyejune2013 (3)
Whenever I can't find the colors I want I dare to overdye. The yarn below is the same yarn as the yellow socks.

June 3rd

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Pottery Experimentation on making a Rainbow Yarn Bowl

Thought some here might be interested in the new design I'm working on...
It's all in my
blog post at

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now and then

Needles, hooks, books and yarn donated to a local Elder care home. I will pop in now and then to see what projects the guys on here are up to.

Best of Luck....Knit on.

June 2nd

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Sweater arm bind-off question

I have been working diligently on a sweater for myself and I am to the point of binding off the 2x2 rib sleeve. The original pattern called for an i-cord bind off, but I wanted the more traditional rib simply because it hugs my wrist better. Which bind off would you guys use? Just a regular 2 x 2 rib bind off? Will that be stretchy enough.

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Baby jacket and Iris's


June 1st

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Latest Afghan

My nephew has been begging me for years now to make him an afghan. Well, I had other projects I had started and needed to finish before starting anything else. I was finally able to start on his afghan in March and this is the final product. I'm going to make him suffer a while longer and give it to him in August as a birthday present. One nephew down and two nieces and two nephews to go.